Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is a critically important part of your oral health and shouldn't be ignored. But, it's not just a way to look better about yourself. Instead, cosmetic dentistry is a powerful way to improve your overall oral health and increase the beauty of your smile. Here's what Dr. Scott Langdon, a cosmetic dentist in Mooresville, NC, can do to improve your smile and your oral health. 

Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening will break apart plaque in your mouth, restore your white sheen, ensure that you are happy with your smile. But, just as significantly, this process will help to catch decay problems that may linger through your mouth and cause long-term oral health issues. 

Bonding and Repairing Cracks

If your teeth experience cracks or breaks, you may need to work with a dental bonding professional to get help. These experts will use a resin to help reshape the damaged tooth. This resin looks like your standard tooth material and lasts much longer as well, improving your smile's beauty and strength.

Dental Crowns

A cosmetic dentist in Mooresville, NC, will often place crowns on your teeth to keep them stronger and healthier. These crowns help to protect against various types of decay and minimize long-term health issues. They work by sitting on top of damaged areas and fitting snugly to your tooth. 


Veneers fit snugly over teeth as thin shells that permanently attach to the front of your teeth. They can improve your smile, protect you from decay, and provide many other benefits. They are an excellent way to prevent tooth loss and often give you the chance to keep your original teeth for years longer.


Dental implants replace missing teeth or will fill in spots if you need to remove damaged teeth. They immediately improve your smile by filling in these gaps. Implants also help support jaw health and minimize premature aging symptoms, which is a major bonus for those looking young.


Do you want to improve crooked teeth but don't want to get traditional braces? Invisalign can help by providing a nearly invisible braces experience. In addition, these braces can be easily removed and adjusted, creating a unique adjustment experience and minimizing frustration and pain during treatment.

Don't Neglect This Kind of Help

As you can see, working with Dr. Scott Langdon, a cosmetic dentist in Mooresville, NC, can help you work to reshape your smile and feel better about yourself. Many people may find that this type of care is essential not just for aesthetic improvements but emotional support as well. So please don't hesitate to call us at 704-664-1188 to learn more about the different options available for your needs.