Cerec Crowns

One-Visit Dentistry with CEREC Technology in Mooresville, NC

Crowns have been used to restore decayed and broken down teeth for years. With advances in dentistry, CEREC has made restoration easier, by allowing crowns to be applied in one simple visit. Using computer-aided technology, your dentist can now take a picture of your tooth before and during evaluation. No longer do you need a temporary crown between procedures. If you are looking to restore your smile, CEREC may be a good choice to enhance your teeth. The porcelain used for the CEREC crowns gives you a desired color and transmits light through them, allowing a natural look. A better smile is within reach with CEREC crowns. CEREC Crowns

What are CEREC Crowns and How do They Work?

CEREC, which stands for Ceramic Reconstruction, is a recent innovation that is available in some cosmetic dentist’s offices. This is a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, or CAD-CAM, for the creation of your crown. A computer creates your crown in order to fit your tooth perfectly. The computer-aided technology eliminates the laboratory step in manufacturing your crown, which allows for your treatment to be completed in one visit.

With the CEREC system, your cosmetic dentist in Fairfax can create beautiful life-like porcelain restorations for your front teeth. An infrared camera takes images of your tooth after shaping. A CAD CAM computer program immediately downloads the images of your teeth to create a three-dimensional virtual model that can be viewed and manipulated on the computer monitor.

The program is then used to design the crown or on-lay that will replace the missing tooth structure. After the crown is designed, a porcelain block is inserted into a milling machine. The software program sends a signal to the machine to create the design in the porcelain. The entire process is completed in just one visit.

Benefits of Using CEREC Crowns

One of the main benefits of CEREC crowns is that they are made within one visit, which saves time for the patient, as well as the dentist. There is no need for a temporary crown, eliminating the potential discomfort caused by a temporary crown. CEREC crowns also do not contain any metal, which allows them to be esthetic.

Additionally, CEREC crowns are beneficial for your tooth restoration for these reasons:

• Less time is spent in the dental chair
• Less tooth structure is lost in many cases
• CEREC crowns are made of all porcelain
• Less chance for complications
• CEREC is environmentally friendly

With CEREC crowns, you can have a new, natural-looking crown made in one visit without a messy impression or, temporary crowns, less dental anesthesia, and all in one simple visit! If you are in need of dental restoration with crowns, contact your Fairfax cosmetic dentist for more information on how CEREC works and if it is a good solution for your smile. CEREC is not for everyone, but with proper consultation with your dentist, an appropriate treatment plan can be created.

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